3 Different Types of Electric Sewing Machines

Okay, so you decided it would be nice to try and create a family heirloom. An heirloom to give to a couple as a wedding present. You decide that an interesting and unusual patchwork quilt would be a great idea and there’s not really much time to make it. These days you do have some options. You can either sew it by hand or you could speed things up and use an electric sewing machine. Here are some fact about these time saving machines, that you may not know..

The sewing machine was invented by an Englishman called Thomas Saint, during the Industrial Revolution. The first electric sewing machine was developed by the Singer Sewing Co, and the company has since become the largest sewing machine company in the world.

The machines were invented to reduce the cost of labour and increase the productivity in the textile industries of northern England. However, unlike those machines used, today our machines are more compact and much easier to use.

Electric Sewing Machine

These days sewing machines are made according to the need of a business and can include the following:

The Home Sewing Machine
This is the most common type used in homes and small scale businesses, such as tailor shops. These machines are basically designed for one person to use where they are sewing fabrics together using a single stitch type.

The Industrial Sewing Machine
These machines are larger, faster and more sophisticated than the home machine. Accordingly, they are bigger, & cost more. They help mass production as in the past. It is possible to buy reconditioned sewing machines that can save on energy and production costs. The first computerised sewing machine was introduced in 1987 by Orisol Israel to the shoe making world.

Tajima Sewing Machines
These are used mainly for embroidering clothes and textiles. These machines are now computerised and work mostly on software applications. They are used mainly by weavers in Asia to embroider traditional oriental clothes like the Japanese Kimono.

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