The Electric Sewing Machine That Has It All

There’s a huge array of different electric sewing machines out there, so much so that it can be overwhelming deciding which one to choose. If you’ve been looking on the Internet for a while, you probably know what we mean. Let us help you sort the hype from the facts for the ever popular Singer 7470.

Here’s what it looks like to start:

Singer 7470 Electric Sewing Machine

Here are some of the key features of the machine:

  • Simple push button control panel – so when you push the button it’s either on or off
  • Drop in bobbin, so no faffing around with all that fiddly stuff
  • Automatic needle threader – especially useful for those of us who are eye-challenged!
  • Programme automatically adjusts the tension – hurrah, there’s not need to spend hours getting this right
  • Stitches are pre-set so you can plug in and go, if you so wish
  • 1 step button holes that are easily worked
  • Free arm with storage space – somewhere to put those important little things
  • StayBright long lasting LED light – to show up your perfectly straight stitching

So who is this machine for?

Well, I would say for beginners and experienced sewers alike. Why?

  • It’s simple to use, but has the depth of functionality for the more experienced sewers
  • It has electronic digital precision at an affordable price
  • It is flexible in that you can use default settings or you can customize your own stitches
  • It has a broad range of uses from simple hemming to major repairs, adding embellishments to making an item from scratch

If you’re not sure of the type of machine to buy, you can check out a previous post where we list the types of electric sewing machines available.

Are there any negatives?

Yes, possibly. The machine weighs 26.5 Lbs and so if you are needing a machine to carry around with you for most of the time you are using it, then this is likely not the best option for you as it may be a little heavy. However, if travelling with your machine is not something you will do, then this could be a great machine.

“Great machine for the price”

“Wonderful machine even for a beginner”

“Not great for quilting”

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