The Untimely Demise of the Featherweight

The Featherweight Singer Sewing Machine has a tremendous following with all manner of seamstresses around the world. They have attained cult status, and from the research that I’ve done this is mainly down to the fact that they are simple to operate and never let you down.

However, not all of these cute machines are tucked up in suburbs doing their thing. Some have met an untimely end and here are a couple of pictures to show you what I mean.

Those of a nervous disposition should turn away now.

No 1 – Eaten Alive!

Featherweight Sewing Machine

Eaten Alive!

It’s reported that this machine (on the right) was discovered in the basement of an English sewing machine dealer who lived on the coast. It would appear that the salty atmosphere has ‘eaten’ through the metal. Blimey!

No 2 – The Featherweight Graveyard

The Featherweight Sewing Machine Graveyard

Look away now!

On the left, at first glance, this looks like, well, just a heap of metal. However, on closer inspection you can see that it’s a pile of Featherweight machines that have been unceremoniously dumped in a back yard – in fact, the back yard of the gentleman who has created a terrific web site full of all things ‘Featherweight’. I’m surprised he can look at himself in the mirror each morning… However, if you go and take a look at his website you can hear this explanation for this philistine behaviour.

Photos:  courtesy of Graham Forsdyke

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